Sunita Organic Honey Halva 75g

Sunita Organic Honey Halva 75g





Sunita Organic Honey Halva
A delicate sesame snack.
Sunita organic honey halva is made with organic stoneground sesame seeds and organic honey, nothing else is added. It has a crumbly texture and melts in your mouth with all the flavour of sesame seeds and honey.

Food facts

Halva is often eaten for breakfast in Greece during Lent when customarily no desserts are served, sprinkled with lemon juice and cinnamon. Serve crumbled over fresh fruit and Greek yoghurt for an extra special desert.


Using tahini or sesame paste along with honey or grape juice this delicious treat is often complemented with the addition of dried fruit, nuts or cocoa.

General Information

Sunita Halva is a traditional Greek sweet made to a traditional recipe in Central Greece where it is often used as a traditional Lent sweetmeat. The name halva comes from the Arabic word ‘hulw’, which means “sweet.” Halva is spelt in as many different ways as there are varieties. From the early 15th Century halva was enjoyed from the Ottoman palace kitchens for festival and weddings.

Other Information

Sunita Halva is a highly nutritious snack or treat, rich in protein and calcium. Our sesame seeds are ethically harvested in tropical areas of Africa and Asia. Sunita Halva makes a tasty and healthy snack for all ages and is either sweetened with honey or grape juice, try it plain or with almonds, pistachios, sultanas or cocoa.