Rio Amazon Rosa Mosqueta Rosehip Oil 50ml

Rio Amazon Rosa Mosqueta Rosehip Oil 50ml





Rosa Mosqueta rosehip oil has been valued for its healing and regenerative properties for centuries by the Araucanian Indians. It is made from the seeds of a wild rose (Rosa affinis Rubiginosa) found growing in the lush valleys of the Chilean Andes. The oil is naturally rich in vitamins A, C & E, and essential fatty acids (EFAs) which play an important role in skin regeneration.


Rosa Mosqueta (Rosa affinis rubiginosa) Rosehip Seed Oil
Botanical names: Rosa affinis rubiginosa

Common names: Rosa Mosqueta, Sweet Briar Rose


Apply 1 or 2 drops of the oil and massage into skin with the fingertips, using small rotational movements. Repeat 2-3 times per day. When applying, care should be taken to avoid getting the oil in the eyes – but if this happens simply wash out with cold water.
Before using topical oil on sensitive skin, or on children’s or a baby’s skin, a patch test is recommended. Simply apply a drop of oil to the back of the hand and leave for 24hrs.

General Information

The unique properties of Rosa Mosqueta oil were first observed by researchers at the University of Concepción, Chile in 1983. The two-year study focused on the oil's ability to heal and fade post-surgical scars, and prevent the advancement of premature aging. Later studies found it effective in enhancing skin tone, lightening uneven pigmentation, and repairing sun damage

Rosa Mosqueta also contains trans-retinoic acid – a naturally occurring compound related to vitamin A.

Allergy advice

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