Rabenhorst Organic Carrot Juice 750ml

Rabenhorst Organic Carrot Juice 750ml





Organic Carrot Juice With a Dash of Lemon Juice - 100% Pure Juice

Enjoy this delicious juice, which through careful processing retains the nutrients and goodness of the vegetable.

Food facts

Nutrient in 100ml
Energy: 134KJ (32kcal)
Fat: 0,2g
of which saturated fatty acids: < 0,1g
Carbohydrate: 6,5g
of which sugar: 6,5g
Fibre: 1,0g
Protein: 0,5g
Salt: < 0,1g
Vitamin A: 1200 µg/150%*
* Share of daily intake as per European Union recommendation (NRV)


Organic carrot juice, organic lemon juice

General Information

Beta carotene is a naturally occurring nutrient found in plants and vegetables. When consumed, beta carotene is converted into vitamin A, a fat-soluble.

Other Information

A daily intake of 100 ml already covers the Recommended Daily Allowance (NRV) of vitamin A (from beta carotene) to 150%*.

Allergy advice