Nelsons Calendula cream 30g

Nelsons Calendula cream 30g





Our Nelsons Calendula cream is carefully prepared using the purest extracts from the Calendula (Marigold) plant, famous for its multiple skin conditioning properties.

Specially developed to soothe and hydrate tired, damaged skin or skin that’s dry, rough, chapped or flaky, Calendula has been used for generations to nurture and restore healthy skin.


Active Ingredients Calendula

General Information

soothes tired skin

restores dry or flaky skin

prevents dehydration

moisturises cracked skin

fights against the drying effects of the elements
smoothes chapped skin

Other Information

The unique benefits of Calendula make this multi-purpose solution ideal for everyday use; moisturising, nourishing and protecting your skin all year around. This non-greasy, easily-applied and rapidly-absorbed multi-purpose cream is suitable for even sensitive skin on the face, hands and body.