Cherry Active Montmorency Concentrate 473ml

Cherry Active Montmorency Concentrate 473ml





This naturally sweet, concentrated juice contains 100% Montmorency Cherry Juice. The cherries offer high levels of antioxidants making this a useful everyday supplement to support the diet.

Cherry Active can also be added to smoothies and milkshakes.


100% pure concentrated montmorency cherry juice. No added sugar or any other ingredient.
Each 30ml serving contains the concentrate of 90 montmorency cherries.


Diluted: 1 part Cherry Active to 8 parts water. Typical mixture for adults: 30ml (2 tablespoons) of Cherry Active Concentrate to 240ml water. For children half this dose.
Undiluted: 30ml (2 tablespoons) for adults; 15ml (1 tablespoon) for children.

General Information

Cherry Active For:

* Sports & training recovery

* Gout & Arthritis

* Joint care and uric acid maintenance

* Healthy sleep patterns

* Antioxidant Intake

Other Information

This superfruit juice can be drunk both diluted and undiluted, as well as poured over yoghurt or desserts. The juice from Montmorency Cherries contain a good level of natural sugars giving the juice enough sweetness to drink on its own, although for some it may be a little tart. Nevertheless, the full-bodied cherry flavour makes it a very palatable drink! Suitable for children and adults. This 473ml sized bottle provides enough for 15 servings.