Amaizin Organic Thai Green Curry Paste 80g

Amaizin Organic Thai Green Curry Paste 80g





A mild curry paste based on the traditional Thai recipe.
Amaizin brings the authentic Indian and Thai kitchen to you! With our Amaizin curry paste's you can easily prepare the most delicous and authentic-tasting curries! Our organic curry paste's are made in Sri Lanka, according to traditional Asian recipes: two Indian and one Thai curry. Without any added cane- or beet sugar!


Herbs & spices* (galangal*, chilli*, lime leaf*, lemon grass*, basil*, garlic*, cumin*, coriander*) , tomato*, virgin coconut oil*, salt, rice*, coconut*, rice syrup*, vinegar*, guar gum.

* from Organic farming

General Information

The products are packed in easy-opening pouches. Each pouch contains enough paste for a dinner for 2-3 people. With the handy 1-2-3 cooking steps, everyone is able to make an authentic Asian dish! Mouthwatering in combination with our nutritious Amaizin Soya Bean Noodles and Amaizin coconut milk!